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Casa de Sue Winery features organically grown muscadine grapes & Louisiana native blueberries

Wine List

Casa de Sue Winery offers a very diverse and extensive selection of fine muscadine & blueberry wines. Whether you prefer dry, sweet, red, white, blush, or in-between, there are sure to be several great wines from Casa de Sue that will please your pallet and become one of you and your family's "favorites". Be sure to try several for all the "wine lovers" at your gathering. Order a Sampler Case and get an assortment of all of our fine varieties (12 bottles) for the price of only 10 bottles-that's 2 bottles FREE !

* Our label artwork is almost as popular as our fine wines. You will find the bottles quite beautiful for display in your decor.

Order any of these wines from the "SHOP" area to the left of the page.


Noble Muscadine Wine Noble  A rich, hearty, red muscadine from the Noble grape. Dry, but still fruity and very flavorful. Full bodied with a deep muscadine color. Great with a fine steak or gumbo, or to celebrate one of life's milestones. A real wine lover's favorite. Vinted from organically grown muscadine grapes.

LaRosa Dry LaRosa Dry A light,refreshing red muscadine from organically grown grapes. Beautiful clear red color with a distinctive muscadine bouquet. Just a hint of sweetness from the natural grape itself. Terrific when paired with the great food of South Louisiana.

Carlos Dry Carlos Dry  A fine dry white muscadine wine from the Carlos grape. Light and aromatic, this wine yeilds a very true taste of the muscadine, fruity with a beautiful clear golden color from organically grown grapes.

Blueberry Dry Blueberry Dry Made from 100% Blueberries. Distinctive bluish red color, this dry fruit wine allows just enough of the natural sweetness of the fruit to come through. A real favorite of ours.

Delta Blush Delta Blush Not too sweet, not too dry, just right! Beautiful blush thats great served chilled or room temp. Light and easy to sip. Organically grown grapes.

Jambalaya Jambalaya Our most popular wine. A sweet, fun, perfect blend of muscadine and sweet blueberry. Serve with meals or alone. You will want several bottles on hand for entertaining your guests.

  Sweet Magnolia Sweet Magnolia   A golden  favorite that is oh so smooth and not too sweet for your sipping pleasure. Sure to please every Southern Belle and Gentleman seated on the veranda enjoying a lazy afternoon breeze. Made from organically grown grapes.

Mardi Gras Collection Mardi Gras Label (LaRosa Sweet) This is a full bodied, sweet, red, muscadine. One of our best sellers. This wine, LaRosa Sweet, features an assortment of original Mardi Gras themed labels. Many great different labels on the bottles, same great wine in the bottle!

LaLousianne LaLousianne Do you remember eating muscadine grapes right off the vine? Sweet, ripe, white and juicy. DELICIOUS. This is the taste you remember. Rich golden color and very drinkable.

Allons Danse' Allons Danse' A perfect sweet blush for light dishes and desserts. Makes a great party spritzer when mixed with 7 up or Sprite. Add fruit slices for garnish.

Blueberry Sweet Blueberry Sweet This wine is sure to please the sweet tooth in your group. Made from 100% blueberries, this red favorite has extra sweetness. Enjoy Blueberry Sweet as a dessert wine.

Tiger Wine Tiger Wine  Do you bleed purple and gold? Well, if you do or if you know someone who does, (and who doesn't in Louisiana? ) this is the perfect bottle of wine! Terrific label that any real fan will love to display and inside is delicious, sweet, red muscadine- LaRosa Sweet.

Bless You Boys!  Bless You Boys ! Very popular LaRosa Sweet with a very special label. Great Black and Gold styling with a Fleur de Lis to salute the our very own world champions! WHO DAT!!


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